New Dental Technology in Cresskill, New Jersey

Cresskill Dental prioritizes staying up to date with dental procedures. They use a Trios Scanner, Dexis Carivu, and Velscope Vx in their office to better help their patients.

new technology Cresskill Dental Dentist on Knickerbocker Road cresskill dental dentist in cresskill new jersey Dr. Joo Hyun Lee, DDS


new technology Cresskill Dental Dentist on Knickerbocker Road cresskill dental dentist in cresskill new jersey Dr. Joo Hyun Lee, DDS

Trios Scanner

new technology Cresskill Dental Dentist on Knickerbocker Road cresskill dental dentist in cresskill new jersey Dr. Joo Hyun Lee, DDS

VELscope Vx

At Cresskill Dental, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to better serve the patients in our dental practice. A few different state-of-the-art technology pieces we use are intraoral scanners, Dexis Carivu, and the Picasso Laser. To learn more about these dental technologies and how they may be able to help you smile, keep reading. 


Is an Intraoral Scanner Better Than Traditional Impressions?

Yes! Gone are the days of getting sticky goo on your teeth to make an impression. Now, Dr. Lee at Cresskill Dental can take an impression of your teeth with an intraoral scanner. This small handheld device is placed in your mouth over your teeth like a wand. The scanner then takes a 3D image of your teeth. Another advantage of an intraoral scanner is that you no longer have to wait for the impression to go to a lab to create an image of the tooth. Dr. Lee can access the impression of the tooth instantaneously with the digital scanner.

Further, the intraoral scanner takes more accurate impressions compared to traditional impressions. Lastly, the intraoral scanner is quicker than making a conventional impression which means shorter dental appointments. A benefit many of our patients love. 


What if I Don’t Want to Take X-Rays at the Dental Office?

Some of our patients, such as children and pregnant women, prefer to avoid the radiation from x-rays. To provide high-quality dental care to this population, we have adopted the Dexis Carivu. The Dexis Carivu uses transillumination, not radiation, to find decay and cracks in the teeth. This tool can help identify the need for composite fillings, dental crowns, and more. To learn more about the Dexis Carivu and how it may be able to help you, call our office today. 


An alternative to Dexis Carivu is the Microlux Transilluminator. This tool is a handheld wand that Dr. Lee can quickly move around your mouth. It can detect dental decay, and it can find fractures in teeth. This tool can also assist Dr. Lee in an oral cancer screening. 


What is the Picasso Laser for Dental Treatment? 

Dr. Lee may have told you that you need dental surgery to restore your smile if you have periodontal disease. You may be able to avoid surgery using the Picasso Laser from Cresskill Dental. The Picasso Laser can prevent using a scalpel by utilizing its state-of-the-art laser beam technology. A few things that the Picasso Laser can help with are decreasing the size of the gums, eliminating cold sores, draining abscesses, and revealing impacted teeth. 


New Technology for Screening Cancer

During your six-month visit to Cresskill Dental, one part of the oral exam is an oral cancer screening. During this screening, Dr. Lee will examine your neck, gums, and surrounding structures. There is a new advanced technology tool to help Dr. Lee diagnose precancer and cancer. This tool is the VELscope Vx. The VELscope Vx uses fluorescence to highlight the structures in your mouth to determine if there is a precancer or cancer developing. Additionally, it can be used by your oral surgeon to find diseased tissue around a tooth or gum area. 


Dr. Lee at Cresskill Dental is dedicated to your oral health. Dr. Lee and their team ensure your oral health success by using state-of-the-art technology to assist them in dental procedures. These tools include intraoral digital impressions, Dexis Carivu, Microlux Transilluminator, Picasso Laser, and VELscope Vx. For more information on our advanced technologies or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.