What Makes Cresskill Dental Different Emergency Dentistry Cresskill Dental Dentist in Cresskill NJOver your lifetime, you may have been to a few dental offices. Sometimes people think that all dental offices are the same. For us, that could be further than the truth. Our office is a unique experience from the friendly service to the quality of products we produce. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all dentistry and hello to unique, fun, and quality dental services. Learn why Cresskill Dental is not your typical dental office and what makes us different. 


Patient-Centered Scheduling

At Cresskill Dental, we center our scheduling around you, the patient. A unique trait in our dental office is that we only schedule one patient every hour. We do this so that Dr. Lee and her team can be thorough and address all of your concerns. It is important to us that we carefully examine and treat your smile to help you achieve your best smile. Another reason we do this is to allow for proper social distancing in our dental office. You can feel comfortable and safe knowing that you are the only patient. 


New Equipment

We work hard to provide our patients with the newest technology to help them reach their dental goals in our dental practice. A few examples of the latest technology we offer at our office are an intraoral scanner, Dexis Carivu, and the Picasso Lasser. We will discuss more of these later under Advanced Procedures. Our technology is not only state-of-the-art, but the equipment is also new. With this advantage, our team of experts is equipped to help you reach your dream smile. 


Fun and Friendly Team 

Many of our patients love our dental office because our team is fun and friendly. We are not afraid to have fun with our patients. Additionally, we exude a friendly atmosphere and make everyone feel welcome in our office. If you are looking for a fun and friendly dental office in Cresskill, New Jersey, visit Cresskill Dental. 


Advanced Procedures 

We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art equipment and procedures at our Cresskill, New Jersey dental office. As mentioned above, a few of the advanced equipment we use are intraoral scanners, Dexis Carivu, and the Picasso Laser. Below is information about these three advanced procedures that our office offers. 

Intraoral Scanner.

Instead of paste-filled impressions, Dr. Lee takes images of your teeth and gums with an intraoral scanner. The intraoral scanner creates a 3D-colored image of your smile. Not only is this more comfortable for you, but it also creates a more accurate picture. Another advantage is there is no waiting for a third-party lab to make the impression of your teeth. Dr. Lee has it immediately after the scan. 

Dexis Carivu

For patients who want to avoid the x-ray process, Dr. Lee can use Dexis Carivu on their teeth and gums. This high-quality x-ray substitute can detect cavities and cracks in the teeth. 

Picasso Laser

Finally, instead of performing gum surgery with a scalpel, it can be done with less pain and more accurately with the Picasso Laser. At Cresskill Dental, we use advanced procedures and technology in Cresskill to help you receive your optimum results. 

For more information about our procedures or to schedule an appointment call or text us at 201-567-3990.